Introduction to Computational Neuroscience / Spring 2023


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    We’re looking forward to meeting you all for our first class Xday, XX/XX/2023 at X:XX XM! The first class will be at [class location].

Course Description

This module will introduce students to computational and theoretical approaches in neuroscience. Emphasis will be on specific questions and how those questions can be answered with computational methods.

Our course meets Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, X:XX XM - X:XX XM, starting XX/XX/2023 and ending XX/XX/2023. Monday and Wednesday classes will be lectures on Friday students will work on and discuss problems sets.

Instructor Office Hours: Xdays, X:XX XM - X:XX XM TA Office Hours: Xdays, X:XX XM - X:XX XM

Please find our syllabus here.

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