Introduction to Mathematical Tools in Neuroscience / Winter 2022


Course Description

The goal of the class is to equip students with an intuitive grasp for some of the computational techniques commonly employed in neuroscience through a fun and relaxed environnoment.

As we learn more about the brain, the field of neuroscience is becoming increasingly computationally oriented. All subfields of neuroscience, ranging from genetics to systems neuroscience, rely on computational analysis. We believe that even those not planning on working on computational questions will benefit from being conversant with computational terms. This will allow for more collaboration and perhaps a broader understanding of the field.

The class should be painless, and perhaps enjoyable, even for those who don’t normally like math or programming classes. Because the best way to learn is by doing rather than watching, there is a problem set associated with each lecture. Recognizing your workload in labs and other coursework, we will work hard to minimize work while maximizing learning.

Our course meets every other Thursday, 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM, starting 1/6/2022 and ending 3/3/2022. Office hours meet on the other alternating Thursdays at the same time, starting 1/13/2022 and ending 3/10/2022.

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Student Instructors

John Kochalka

Faculty Sponsor