Problem set 1: Single neuron mechanisms and oscillations


Code / other files

  • If you get stuck on part 1, you can download some sample perceptron code here: perceptron

  • You can download the .cc5 files you need for Part 2 here: cc5

  • If you want to explore parameters, you can download additional parameter sets provided by John Huguenard: parameters

  • If you want to load your EOTN data into matlab for further analysis, you can export to .txt from EOTN, and then use this matlab script to load the data in. If you prefer to use python here's a python script that converts the text file to .mat or .npy formats.


You will work in groups, but please write up your own solutions. Include any plots you generate, as well as answers to any questions. Figures should have labels, units, and clear descriptions of what the figure is showing. The write up is due in next Monday, 4/27.